Week 5: Accidental Still Lifes

Today we will be working from the images of our accidental still lifes that you've brought to class.  This printed image is your ticket into the class, without it, you'll have nothing to do! We will begin the painting by lightly sketching with oil paint, and then we will mass in the darks, and finally the highlights. Our artist to look at this week is Duane Keiser, and he's also made a great time lapse video of his process.  Look at how loose he begins and how he works the entire canvas at once then slowly refines the painting and gets into more detail as it progresses.  It is very important to understand how painting on top of wet paint works to avoid a muddy canvas. Before starting on your canvas, you will be working on a few thumbnail sketches with ink and brush of your image outlining the major value shapes. This will serve as a guide once you jump into the painting with oil paint.

It is imperative that you bring your printed image as well, because you're also going to be color matching to that image. This means that you're going to mix up a color, and then actually paint small sections of your printed image to ensure that you've mixed up the correct color