Dinner and a Painting Podcast: Episode 2




In this episode we sit down for beers with Anej Nuhanovic.  A Bosnian-American painter and sculptor currently living and working in Prague, Czech Republic. Our conversation meanders through topics as diverse as humor in art, to the horrific historical pasts lying beneath the cobblestones of European cities.  Anej provides a unique glimpse into a mashing of cultures which occurred when he became a refugee at age 18 when he transplanted from Sarajevo to Washington DC.  Drawing from inspiration both from social realist paintings which were prevalent throughout all of the communist Eastern Bloc states as well as the kitschy american advertisements of the 1950s. Both promised a world more glorious than the one everyone was living, but these hopes fell flat in the end.

This podcast contains explicit language. 


Dinner and a painting is a series of videos and podcasts examining artists working, and talking about their work. The format is quite simple. I first shoot the artist working in their studio and look through their archives. And then I have an informal conversation in a pub/cafe/restaurant about their work afterwards. Paint is the glue which holds the conversation together, however the discussions can wander through a variety of topics.

Artists discussed in this episode include.

HoudonWilliam Hoare, Picasso, Warhol, Miley Cyrus, Social Realism, Luc Tuymans, Maurizio Catalan,  Nicola Samori, Gerhard Richter, David Hockney, Lucien Freud, Valezquez, El Greco, George Condo, Carvaggio,