Prague Art Workshops

Registration is now open and space is limited! Email below to save your spot! 

Study art and painting in the heart of Europe! Prague, Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe where great artists of the past, from Mozart to Kafka, have called their home.   Prague Art Workshops was founded by two artists with a passion for painting. Jeremiah Palecek  and Franco Huller.  We believe that Prague is the perfect setting to get engaged in painting and drawing.

One workshop lasts 10 days (Mon – Fri) and includes daily art related activities in Prague, and the surrounding countryside of Czech Republic. Classes will be held Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  These classes are focused primarily on painting and workshops, although field trips will also be made to museums, plein air sites, and other attractions.

Work throughout the day in a beautiful studio! You’ll have plenty of space to spread out and paint during the mornings and afternoons.  In addition to loads of studio time, we’ll also venture out to museums and galleries and soak up all that Prague has to offer. From Mucha’s Slav Epic to the cutting edge of contemporary art , you’ll be overflowing with inspiration. And guess what?! If you want to just keep working in the studio that’s fine too! All field trips are optiona.

Prague offers a wide assortment of culinary delights, and you get the quality at a fraction of the price. We know the best places to eat and can help advise you where to go. Here is an average menu from a standard Italian restaurant in Prague. As you can see you can get a meal and a few beers for just 10$ (you can view the english on the menu underneath the other languages). Did we mention that there’s some of the best beer in the world?

Using AirBnB provides you with your own apartment right where you want it! You’re not stuck in student housing, and we’ve found that by allowing students to choose where they want to live, they get to know their own neighborhoods better. AirBnBs are plentiful in Prague, and extremely affordable! Something like this  will cost you just 50$ a night and if you’re coming with a friend you can stay together and cut down on costs.  I’m happy to advise you about the best neighborhoods to stay in Prague, that will be close to public transport and all the attractions you could desire.

Plein Air painting near Kutna Hora. We will be going on a trip to the countryside where we will painting en plein air! These countrysides which were the inspiration for Kasper David Freidrich among others and will inspire you as well! Kutna Hora is the home to the famous “Bone Church” which is an experience surely to stick with you.


We have a required materials list here, as materials are not included in the cost of the course. We do buy some items which will be used during the workshops but it’s your responsibility to bring your own materials to use as well. We are more than happy to go with you to local shops that have a wide variety of materials available.

Both Franco and myself have spent endless hours chatting about the structure of the painting course and how to best approach it. We believe that we have some fundamental skills which will be the focus of every days workshop. In addition to this I will be doing a series of demonstrations on materials and techniques of the great masters (making oil glazing mediums, making gesso from scratch, making oil paint, etc.) . These workshops and tutorials will take up the first half of the day, the second half will be devoted to you creating your own projects. For those who want a more academic approach we will also have a series of assignments which can be done in the afternoons as well.  We’ve found that everyone comes to these workshops with different expectations, and skill levels and we prefer to meet you where you’re at.  Some want more freedom to work on their own projects, and others wish  to have a more guided approach.


This is truly a unique opportunity to study with two world renowned artists in one of Europe’s most beautiful places. A place which has been the source of inspiration to so many throughout the years is one which will stick with you too. If you would like more information please contact me at the email address below. I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with any questions you may have.