Painting with your Thumbprints!

In this Kid’s Art Project Inka teaches you how to make a lion using only your thumbprints! It’s a simple and fun exercise designed for kids 4 to 7 years old. Inka has made many different tutorials throughout the years, be sure to subscribe to her channel if you are looking for fun kids projects, made for kids, by a kid!

One interesting thing about how kids see and visualize is that it is often highly symbolic at first. In this painting we can also see something else which kids are quite good at, and that’s visualizing certain things and just being visually creative. Your thumprint, and fingerpainting exercise can also reveal something about how we see!! So, if your child does do this lesson, then I’d suggest talking about how some objects can look like two different things. For instance, a cloud can look like a dragon, or a rock can look like a dog. It’s a fun visual game you can play with them while going for walks, and it takes advantage of how open and free spirited their perception of the world is, in the early years.


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