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  • Painting Like The Masters

    In this series of videos I look at the techniques, materials, and processes used by the master artists of painting. By analyzing how these artists painted we can extend our visual vocabulary and learn new techniques to implement in our own paintings as well. You want to paint for a reason, so there’s no better time to start than now!

  • Beginning Painting

    The definitive painting bootcamp for anyone starting out who wants to learn the fundamentals of oil painting. The course goes through materials, techniques, application, color, and form. Perfect for those just getting started with oil painting! Don’t hesitate, dive in today!

  • Kids Art Lessons

    Step by Step Drawing Videos for kids! Your kids can paint along with a kid who is also teaching the class! Put your child’s mind at ease, and relax as they paint along and explore their creativity!

  • Crash Course in Contemporary Art: Studio

    This course is designed to help you achieve a sustained self directed studio practice  in order to create resolved works that will lead to the creation of resolved pieces suitable for exhibition in a contemporary art context. Get clear on what type of art you want to make and start this course today!

  • Drawing I

    This unit aims to develop and extend learners’ technical and creative skills through drawing and their understanding of drawing media, materials and techniques. Learn the basics of drawing so you can master the nuances of painting! Now’s the time to begin!

  • The Painting Course

    This is the tried and true original free online painting course. New and Revised after all these years! Weighing in at a massive 40 FREE Lessons! This class will not leave you wanting for anything! Get started today and make your dream of painting a reality!