Painting Like The Masters

In this series of videos I look at the techniques, materials, and processes used by the master artists of painting. By analyzing how these artists painted we can extend our visual vocabulary and learn new techniques to implement in our own paintings as well. So what are you waiting for! Grab a canvas and paint along with me ! 


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Painting Like Rembrandt

Author: Jer

In this lesson we'll tackle making a painting in the style of Rembrandt. Learn the techniques which he used, and see how one of his paintings may have developed!  

Painting Like Monet

Author: Jer

In this lesson you'll learn to paint like Monet. Analyze his techniques, materials and process, and make a painting of your own in Monet's style.  

Painting Like Picasso

Author: Jer

In this epsiode we take on one of the most important artists of all time, and certainly of the 20th century. We'll look at the techniques, materials, and processes of Pablo Picasso and make a painting in his style.  

Copying a Velazquez

Author: Jer

In this episdoe I make a cpoy of a Velazquez. One of the hardest "Painting like" videos I've done to date. Very challenging. I learn a lot making these videos and I encourage you to paint along with me, and learn as much as you can as well. Sometimes it's better to try something much [...]

Painting Like Van Gogh

Author: Jer

In this episode I look to Van Gogh's painting and try to make a painting in his style. Van Gogh is  well known for his self portraits, and so I thought that doing a self portrait would be a great way to tackle such an amazing and visionary artist.