Drawing I

[expand title=”Course Description”]This unit aims to develop and extend learners’ technical and creative skills through drawing and their understanding of drawing media, materials and techniques. Learners will be encouraged to develop visual thinking and creativity as fundamental to all design work. It will enable learners to experiment with drawing approaches and techniques in order to broaden their experience and understanding of visual language. Learners will need to use traditional art and design materials and media, as well as extending their visual language and creativity through experimenting with unusual materials and media. [/expand]

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Drawing Lines and Boxes

Author: Jer

Drawing Contour Lines From Observation Lines don't exist in reality. Everywhere you look you can see various forms bouncing into other forms, but no lines. This is the first thing to understand about a line. It is completely a creation of the human mind. We understand lines and pictures because we know how to read [...]

Beauty and Animals

Author: Jer

This Is Modern Art : Lovely Lovely Beauty and Art Art and beauty. A problematic relationship. Told again and again that modernism was "ugly", the modernists defended themselves by arguing that beauty is a superficial, bourgeois value and true art is about ideas, politics, the sublime. At the same time, since the 1970s – since [...]

Line Variation and Weight

Author: Jer

Inks and Pens Line Variation Line Variation. In these drawings you are going to be exploring line variation. It is important that the lines in your drawings have varying thicknesses. Because of its versatility and ability to make highly varied lines we will be using a brush and ink. This will make the drawing appear [...]