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This course is designed to help you achieve a sustained self directed studio practice  in order to create resolved works that will lead to the creation of resolved pieces suitable for exhibition in a contemporary art context. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to explore your artistic interests and experiment with varying techniques in the creation of these works. However, this is no longer a time for unfocused study. You will be writing a statement of intent which will outline all of your goals and this will be seen as a guidebook for your study, and while you are allowed to stray from your initial intentions, you must also provide evidence in regards to previous works as to why your focus of study has changed.

Please note, just because the module calls for resolved works, this does not necessarily mean that the work completed during this course will all be completely finalized and ready for exhibition.  For instance, smaller resolved works could be seen as a trajectory for a more ambitious and polished final project. Major technical concerns and experimentation should be overcome and resolved, however there are a variety of factors which will continue to influence your work. A major one simply being what space your pieces will be exhibited in.

Throughout the duration of the course you will.

Create extensive documentation of your own process, and of your finished works as it relates to your artistic goals and interests. Documenting is simple now that everyone has internet and and a camera in their pocket. Use this and some social media platform which allows you to upload and share images ( Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat (your story), Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Blogger, etc.)

Create extensive documentation of your work in reaction to a series of prompts which are given throughout the semester. A prompt is provocation designed to get you to create a piece which involves a certain conceptual limitation.

Create the Statement of Intent. In addition to your documentation you must also prepare a Statement of Intent which is constantly going to be edited and added to throughout the course. This is a document which accompanies all of your documentation.

You should seek out a place where your work can be critiqued. This site has a forum on reddit at r/paintingcoursework .

Cultivate an artistic practice. This is what is at the heart of this course. You must get yourself into the studio, and work on your art. Getting your butt onto that seat, in the studio, and ensuring that there is time every week to do so may be the toughest thing to learn. Tips and tricks for creating a studio practice will be included and we’ll look at how other artists have cultivated this practice.


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