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  1. As always. I’m a big fan. Your tutorials rock. I will try to post my progress starting from beginning. Keep up the good work!

  2. I accidentally happened on Jeremiah’s youtube page and was very impressed. It seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have too much trouble drawing what I want, but lack the education of art to know what the different steps in oil painting. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Love it and plan on starting it tomorrow.

  3. i appreciate that u took the time to post these lessons. i feel like i can pretty good but comparing to others, i could improve. i feel like i am good a copying from pictures, have not tried from life. and don’t think i could imagine like my brother. recently i got into oil painting but i am a little stuck. so i am starting from basic. So Thank U.

  4. I cannot thankyou enough. Great presentation skills. I feel Inspired.

    Look forward to more videos.

  5. Dear teacher ,

    I am very much impress, the way you like to teach the art to all. You talk to open the heart and soul and create something on canvas . Your way of painting is not just a mechanical creation through skill , it is an emotional outburst , great .
    I am from India , working as Sr executive , hardly there is time to relax . From my child hood , I love painting , doing something with my own , but skill of painting is missing . Now I am 58 years , suddenly I am so passionate on painting , I feel like learning from lesson 1 as now any such activity gives me enormous relaxation and joy . A great pleasure in a lonely life .
    Hope you accept me as a student.

    regards Amit.

  6. I came across your youtube video through Northsight’s page, I am recently retired, and had taken a few classes years ago, and now want to improve my very limited skills. I thought I would give this a try, thank you so much for offering it online. I am uncertain of the blogging, as I have never done this, but am willing to try.

  7. The lessons are excellent; it refreshed what I knew already but I felt it was easier to understand these lessons. These lessons cover a lot of ground.

  8. I am intriqued by this website offering but note that dates on the pages are 2010 and 2011. Is this website active?

  9. Is this website active? I hope it is. Such a great help for those who need help and easy and clear theory. I was wondering if you are going to upload the rest of the lessons. You speak about 24 lessons if I remember well, in your videos. Thank you again and please carry on the great work you started!

  10. Yep, it’s active! 😀 I just had a baby girl so I haven’t had as much time as I used to. But I definitely plan on continuing to share my lessons, and make videos. Thanks for your interest!

  11. I just wondered if I would have to join facebook to do the course. Are you still posting videos on this website? It looks a really good course.

  12. congrats and all my best wishes! Take your time then, baby girl is a priority; and anyway I still have 15 lessons and a drawing a day to keep me busy :-). Be well!

  13. Good day
    I want to learn how to draw and paint. I hope this course can help me.

  14. I’m going to do this, but how DO you become a member???
    Well I’ll do it anyway.
    Will be doing the recording of the lessons on my blog…

  15. Hi Christine! Great to have you here. I’ve no longer made this a pay site and decided to open it up to anyone for free. So to become a member you can register, and then begin posting to the forum. I will do my best to help and provide critique for the drawings you post in the forum.

  16. Hi Jer, thank you for your response.
    I registered on the forum so I am now an official member!
    I think offering all this for free is amazingly generous.
    Thank you so much.

  17. Dear Teacher,
    Found this by accident as I was searching for downloadable or purchaseable dvd’s of nude poses suitible for gestural drawing and painting. I already majored in art, but due to life circumstances worked at another proffession to support the family. Now as I am retiring early I am returning to my passion, artmaking. I always try to encourage people to follow their dreams whatever they might be.Much of my art is deeply spiritual although not in a conventional way.
    I was fortunate in having some education in art and in being quite self-motivated to pursue it. I am older, sicker and slower, but still passionate about art. And I think doing art is actually healing me.
    I have also been searching for information for very disadvantaged children on art to assist budding artists to learn despite the poverty at home. I know of some who really want to do it but get no time to themselves or encouragement as the parents keep them working all the time at menial jobs and do not allow them much freedom. I suspect the parents need their money and also do not think it is possible to earn money with art, therefore see it as frivolous.
    It breaks my heart to see young folks having their dreams repressed.
    I thank you a thousand times for your efforts to share and educate on art. I know that I can use the materials on this site to help disadvantaged children and teens and even some adults learn the basics of art.
    Also even for myself, it is a good review and I never get tired of seeing art, and artists.
    I “inherited” a ton of aging art materials, beads, papers, canvases and brushes from a mother who is a “hoarder” and a frustrated artist.
    Throughout my life, she was very competitive with me, always critisizing and discouraging me. Although she had tons of materials, as time when on she lost her drive, focus and later in life, her sharp vision and steady hand. Finaly she had to give it up as it was clear that she had saved some things for forty years and was unlikely now to use it.My mother had won a scholarship to the prestigouse Art Institute of Chicago, but her parents, immigrants from Europe, would not let her use it as they thought artists will starve. She became a very frustrated and unhappy and sad woman.
    When my mother, now 85, turned and gave me her supplies and ruefully told me that I could have them as “there is only one artist in this family and that is you.” I knew that she was giving up her lifetime dream and was feeling terrible about herself. Here before me was a broken woman, whose wealth and collecting art never really satified her soul’s longing. It made her very angry, competitive and critical.
    There is a poem,”Dream Deffered” by famous American Poet, Langston Hughes that wonderfully describes this , as a souring of the spirit.
    I now make every effort to solicit Mother’s artistic advice and comments when doing projects now, so that she does feel still part of the process. But for everyone else, I tell this story and say, “DON’T GIVE UP YOUR ART DREAMS!”, Don’t let anyone discourage you.
    Art for some of us is IN OUR SOULS. In fact, in some cases art is a way the Divine can speak through us and to us.
    And I say to you, Thank you a thousand times for sharing your knowledge with others, as I will be sure to recommend this to those who desperately want to learn but do not have the money or time for art school.Peace and love.

  18. Hi, my name is Linda Sanders I love this site. I would like to become a member. how do I do that? also I paint but was not trained as a painter. My main interest is to learn how to paint in layers in oil. I love PROCESS. and I need a solid foundation in oil painting. I can draw for years and i still do carry my sketchbook with me every where I go. I feel half dressed without it. I even have one in my bed. Im wondering if you can assist me in acquiring this knowledge if so please email me back.


  19. Thank you for creating this site and doing this online class. I have begun to do the lessons and I hope you continue to do this to completion. Congratulations on your baby girl and hope everything is going well.

    My goals are to improve my painting skills. I am most interested in portraits and figure painting in a realistic or Flemish style. I currently have only done two portraits and only 6 or 7 paintings in total. I noticed that my skills are lacking in some areas and thought your course may help. I will post some of my paintings in the near future.

    Today I updated my blog with the first few lesson drawings. Looking forward to your feedback when you have time and continuing the course.
    My blog site is:


  20. Hi! Jer,
    I am a retired professor now want to learn art from you. Your lessons looks wonderful for a new painter. How can I be a member in your group? Please visit, if you have time to see some of my assignments, and give me feedback.

  21. Hi Jeremiah,

    Have watched the first 2 videos & excited to start these lessons, but I’m having trouble logging in as a “member.” I can see the coding which might represent where a button or link might be in order to create an account/log in. But I can’t click on anything. Thanks!


  22. hi,
    since my chilhood i am pasisonate for painting and used to do painting, pencil shading and wall painting at home.
    i hardly get any time for my passion as i am working, but still during saturdays and sundays i try to spare some time for myself which i purely dedicate to my passion, however earlier it was not possible but my family has started supposting me…I love painting…i get eager when i see colors…its great fun…

    I believe we all should have at lease one passion/hobby so that we have some reason to relax in this busy schedules/meetings/office works and give ourselves a peace of mind, it is same like worshiping God !!!…

    Feeling energetic by joining this group..
    wish you all a colorful life…


  23. I have just come across your site and found it inspirational.
    I would like to become a member to follow your classes but don’t know how or what to do to sign up.



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