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  • Painting Like The Masters

    In this series of videos I look at the techniques, materials, and processes used by the master artists of painting. By analyzing how these artists painted we can extend our visual vocabulary and learn new techniques to implement in our own paintings as well.

  • Beginning Painting

      UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ! ! Have you always wanted to learn how to paint, but have struggled getting real skills out of that art class? I think you will be relieved that learning how to paint doesn’t involve some secrets of the masters, or any other nonsense, it’s actually quite simple. Staring at a blank […]

  • Kids Art Lessons

    As an art educator with nearly a decade of experience at the university level I was dismayed to see the quality of many of the courses and lessons available online . Over the years I've had numerous parents ask me if anything for children was available, and while I wanted to make something especially with [...]
  • Crash Course in Contemporary Art: Studio

      This course is designed to help you achieve a sustained self directed studio practice  in order to create resolved works that will lead to the creation of resolved pieces suitable for exhibition in a contemporary art context. You are encouraged to use this opportunity to explore your artistic interests and experiment with varying techniques in […]

  • Drawing I

    [expand title="Course Description"]This unit aims to develop and extend learners’ technical and creative skills through drawing and their understanding of drawing media, materials and techniques. Learners will be encouraged to develop visual thinking and creativity as fundamental to all design work. It will enable learners to experiment with drawing approaches and techniques in order to [...]
  • The Painting Course

    This is the definitive painting course. It is quite intense, but you’ll definitely get your chops up. It is meant for a beginner to novice painter.  I go through all the fundamentals of how to draw like a painter, and also color theory, composition, and paint application. There are also 15 bonus supplemental lessons about practical painting tips such as how to properly clean a palette and keep your brushes in good shape. You’ll begin with drawing, and learning to see, and progress to creating your own masterpiece in oils by the end!

    The course is “dripped” which means that you will have access to a new lesson every three days. This gives you time to practice in between lessons for maximum benefit. An email will alert you every time a new lesson becomes available. This will also help keep you on track!

    If you have always dreamed of becoming a painter and realizing your vision then this is the course for you. It is not merely a technical course, but one which tries to nurture you as an artist. Find your voice, and learn to communicate through painting!



    This course includes:

    22 lessons total!!!

    Video tutorials

    Supplemental lessons about materials, techniques, and art history.

    Time commitment: 66 days

    I have nearly a decade of experience teaching painting and drawing at the university level. This is a course which would cost thousands to take a college and represents two semesters worth of study!